Why choose Us?

Mediation is the process in which a trained Mediator works with parties in conflict to help them create an agreement that meets their most important needs.

Unlike litigation and arbitration, where one party “wins” and the other party “loses,” mediation’s goal is to help parties in a dispute find a way for all of them to win.

In mediation, only the parties decide whether and how they will agree.

Our individual and collective breadth and depth of expertise in a wide variety of conflict prone arenas, all overlaid with extensive dispute resolution training and experience – including co-medation of especially complex issues – can help you resolve your most difficult disputes.

Major Benefits of Mediation include

  • Significantly less expense than litigation
  • Faster resolution of disputes than litigation
  • Mutually satisfactory outcomes
  • Comprehensive, customized agreements
  • A high rate of compliance with agreements made
  • Greater degree of control and predictability of outcomes
  • Preservation of important working and social relationships

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