Rivers, Range & Change

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A Legacy of Landscapes in Routt & Moffat Counties Colorado, 1900-2000

Published by Walsworth Publishing, 2001, Marceline, MO. 127 pp

The book uses repeat photography (taking a photo from the same spot over a span of time) to illustrate and document the changes that lands have undergone.
Using this method enables the reader to “see for themselves” what ecological change has occurred. The reader comes away with a better understanding of the environmental changes for NW Colorado. Cathleen Neelan simplifies the complex theories of ecology to explain how a landscape evolves over time; she has documented the imprint of man and the force of nature.

“You compress in one book, what a person could hope to see in one lifetime in Northwest Colorado,” explained Cathleen.

The book was the combined effort of Routt & Moffat County Cooperative Extension and Neelan Resources. Partial funding was received from Colorado State University Cooperative Extension, Yampa Valley Community Foundation, Colorado Riparian Association and The Nature Conservancy.